13. November 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Gothic, Vintage

13. November 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Gothic, Vintage

Blackmirror Design – a Gothic, Burlesque and Vintage Mix


Burlesque Fashion: What’s your passion in fashion and how do you choose your style?

Blackmirror Design: My Name is Marianna Nardin and my passion for fashion started when I was a child, I used to design and sew clothes for my dolls for entire afternoons. Growing up I decided to undertake artistic and fashion studies, indeed I started studing painting and decoration at the institute of art in Venice. After achieving my first degree as an art teacher, I completed my studies at the Academy of fine arts of Venice (Italy) achieving my degree in “decoration and painting”. During my studies I carried on my experimentation in the field of fashion, treating it as sculpture and employing new materials and fabric which were outside the boundaries of traditional fashion, I made skirt and corset with hospital materials. It is right there that my passion for fetish, gothic and alternative outfits started. In 2003 I decided to move to London, to find myself in the right environment to pursue the achievement of my gothic, burlesque , alternative collection. The “BLACKMIRROR DESIGN” clothing line was born there in 2004, it’s only a online shop, I do all my pattern, draw and sew with lot of care.

Photo: www.cunene.it | photo: APHNEA PHOTOGRAPHER

Photo: www.cunene.it | photo: APHNEA PHOTOGRAPHER

Photographer: SIGHT FROM BEYON

Photo by : LAURA DARK

My line is made by unique design like victorian shrugs, steampunk short jacket/bolero, victorian antique style collar, I’m working on my first and new collection of wedding gowns inspired by the 20’s antique vintage style, with a lovely long victorian bustle skirt, amazing new collars, romantic shrugs. This is the new project for 2011.

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