24. October 2010 Comments (2) Burlesque, Designer, Pin-Up

24. October 2010 Comments (2) Burlesque, Designer, Pin-Up

Caffeine Moda – burlesque, pin up, vintage – Made in Italy

Caffeine is the new clothing line inspired by the lines of burlesque. The goal is to get every woman feeling sexy without necessarily being on a stage. Their logo is emblematic of the style we want to represent: no longer a bath in glass of champagne but a striptease in a cup of coffee, simple, elegant and Italian. This is just the way they see life in their atelier, like a cup of coffee and our clothes are the sugar which every woman needs. Caffeine is the brainchild of a stylist that worked for years in the haute couture and now converted to the charm of Burlesque. All their creations are designed and developed within the team, from design to finished garment is everything handmade. Caffeine has achieved the honor of having as a testimonial Roxy Rose. For the demanding customers they offer the opportunity to send a description or an outline and they realize the habit of your desires.


You have to be a burlesque/pinup star deep in your heart to design a wonderful new collection. Do you working with burlesque performers or do you do burlesque performances too and I am asking myself?

I’ve always been fascinated by the pin-ups, since I was a child. I can not even remember when did I know this world for the first time. The vintage fashion, the movements of women of another age, the elegance of an explicit but never vulgar sensuality made me daydream a world of rhinestones, sequins and feather boas, I wanted to participate absolutely! But here is the big problem, how to enter this world if you have a meter and a half and you have no concept of dance? I thought then to be able to enter through the back door directly behind the scenes with a collection entirely devoted to burlesque and pin-ups.

Which is your absolute favourite memory since you addicted to that kind of fashion? 🙂

Surely our first sale! It was a great joy to see that we have created something that pleases the world.

Personally I met a lot of wonderful personalities during the last six years. Who was the most moving person you met?

Our testimonal Miss Roxy Rose, she is fantastic, beautiful like a porcelain doll and sweet as cotton candy, working with her has been really fun so that soon we will collaborate again to create a short film on burlesque.

There is a boom in burlesque revivals all over the world. Can you give me some informations about your new collection and about the gorgeous shooting please?

Our collection has a nice story, I’m 21 years old photographer crazy for burlesque and vintage world, my mother is a stylist since many years and is modeled on the lines of Audrey Hepburn. When our heads have started working together we have created a collection inspired by burlesque, with a high quality of materials, processing completely handmade, vintage shapes combined with ultra modern colors. Here this is our collection burlesque lines apllied to the pret-a-porter. But this is only a part of our work, short-reach the photos of real show clothes, clothes on that we’re investing a lot to create absolute works of art. They are meant to leave viewers speechless. We place great emphasis on the beauty of the images, our photo shoots, done by me, are long and constructed in every detail, we find strange location where no one would expect to find a pin-up and have a lot of fun!



Are you visiting burlesque clubs or parties to get the inspirations you need?

Often take inspiration from the photos of the great divas. But when I can I enjoy a burlesque show. In November, thanks to my boyfriend, i will go to the Burlesque Festival in Amsterdam and this make me feel so much happy, I’m sure I’ll be back with thousands of new ideas.

Do you ever see Dita von Teese, Immodesty Blaize or other famous performers live on stage?

Unfortunately not, it would be a dream … and why not even one day be able to design a dress for one of them! 🙂

What do you actually think of drag art and do you ever met a burlesque Dragqueen 🙂 ?

No, I have not met a burlesque drag queen yet, but we have many of them in our contacts, who visit our site and who like our style. How can you have an opinion on the art of someone? In my opinion if a person decides to call ART what he do and he takes all the energy that he has to create something beautiful deserves all my respect, whatever kind of art. If you want to be an artist you have to invest every second of your life to create your art, you can be artists of whatever you want but you have to do it with passion!

Can you tell me something about the italian Burlesque and Pinup-Scene? i.e. where to go.. ?

In Italy, the burlesque scene is beginning to be known even outside the usual clubs devoted to this art for years. There are little performans in various types of shows, theme parties and numerous workshops held by Italian burlesque performes. I do not pretend to know all of Italian burlesque reality but I can recommend to anyone in Rome to visit Micca Club and in February at the Carnival in Viareggio go to Burlesque Graden (where we will be present).

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