30. October 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Fascinators

30. October 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Fascinators

Sahnehäubchen: Hats and Fascinators by Sneshina Petrov

foto Steffen Diemer

There are people who truly like to drown their Sunday cake in whip cream, just to be sure of his death before it reaches their the stomach. And then, there are those who only apply a teeny-tiny bit of whipped cream in order to enjoy the aesthetically pleasing color contrast of their cake composition, more than enjoying the taste of it: This is what really lies behind the saying ‘You are what you eat”.

Fotograf Bjelotschka, Model Lexy Hell

Just like a piece of cake can be put into the perfect light by a small top of whipped cream, the charming hats of designer Sneshina Pretrov will set any woman in the center of attention. In times when hats have their big fashion moment, you can never go wrong with some “cream on the cake”, even if you might need some confidence wearing the stylish hat creations, but frankly.. who wants to go all ordinary through life anyway? Sneshina Petrov started out on her hat business some years ago, when she found herself in a creative phase of her live, ready to introduce herself to. She was welcomed with widely open arms and got the chance to look over the shoulder of a talented designer and learn more about the basics of her craft.

As the saying predicts, haste makes waste: For three years Sneshina Petrov creates her own hats, each one of them unique and carefully hand-crafted with dedication and love. Finest materials such as hair felt, fur, straw, silk, leather and feathers, shaped with the high quality of experienced craft skills make her hats become amorous and extravagant or classy and clearly modern pieces of art.

To experience Petrov’s creations yourself you need to visit the designer’s website and, of course, arrange an appointment in her studio. Those who by chance happen to stroll through the streets of Potsdam, can also take a look at some of the unique hat creations in the Fashion Lounge in Potsdamer Holländerviertel, Mittelstrasse 12a, where you can even buy the charming accessoires. In Berlin, the artful pieces can be bought at Mayfair Hairfashions in Budapester Straße 43, where you can even get yourself a perfectly matching, sensational retro hair cut 🙂 … don’t miss her Homepage

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