13. December 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque Accessories

13. December 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque Accessories

Alice Zumbe – Burlesque Handbags, Accessories and more

During Christmas time you know that it gets more colorful and bright on this blog. Next to showing you exciting designers and fabulous fashion plus burlesque events, this column’s followers can find nice prizes. Due to that, there is only little time for researching and contacting any labels. Some exceptions, however, needs to be made during this year’s December and so I’d like to introduce to you a designer who is a friend of mine. With much passion for details, love and dedication she founded a label that can easily be compared to HERMES, LOUIS VUITONN, CHANEL and FURLA. Her handbags and purses are so enchanting, unique and just distinctive. The production of the pockets and accessories occurs at the highest level of traditional craft. Every piece distinguishes itself by costly manual work and is made with a lot of love to the detail. Every pocket is made to order exclusively and receives her own identification number. Therefore the customer comes to possession of a unique specimen especially made for him.

With the cooperation with saddler and bag craftswoman Magdaena Borchmann, the owner of “Zaunkönig”, fine leather manufacturing from Düsseldorf, the high standard of the label and the commitment to timeless chic can be reached and I just wish I could have coaxed a nice little piece away from Alice during my last trip to Düsseldorf 🙂 Handbags are always a challenge: On the one hand you just can’t combine a fake purse to a great expensive burlesque robe. That’s just a no-go. On the other hand you would like to go for a recognized label, if you spend that much money on it. In the case of Alice Zumbé you just have to compromise between both. Her bags are payable, even though they are truly handmade and unique. Something I really like appreciate. That the creation, production and marketing of bags isn’t her own passion are proved by her passion for portraying burlesque performers. So all of those who would like to find something really special for a Chrismas gift… can chose either one of these both presents. So in the end, all that is left to mention is that visiting Alice’ homepage truly will attract your senses 🙂 

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