24. February 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque, Burlesque Accessories

24. February 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque, Burlesque Accessories

Burlesque Feather Fans by Talulah Blue

The classic burlesque festher fan dance belongs to burlesque like high heels belong to beautiful legs. Among all the different show elements that a burlesque performance has to offer, the feather fan dance is one of the most impressive. Here, it is important that the panels of the fan are light and densely arranged, because the more densly the fans are the more impressive the moves become. In search of such feather fans I found a lot of nice pieces, but most of them were actually are too expensive. Just shortly before I was about to give up, I met a dancer who casually creates and produces burlesque accessories. Actually, that’s just how it goes.. often, after you can’t find what you’re looking for, you just build up what you were looking for. Sometimes even becomes such a big success that others get interested as well – and bingo!: a business is born.

With Talulah Blue, it must have been just like that. Her feather fans are homemade and produced in different sizes. Next to international figureheads like Chrys Columbine, Marnie Scarlet, Lena Mea; Leyla Rose, Candy Demure I myself can say that the quality of the fans and the easiness of their handling are just amazing. Also, the color variety of the ostrich feather fan is wonderful and individually combinable. And the most amazing thing about Talulah Blue’s fans are the acceptable prices. So for everyone who always wanted to step out of a feather shell or elegantly dance across the stage with the wings of a butterfly, there is a lot to find in Taulah Blue’s online shops. By the way, I myself can tell you that the shipping also is quite fast and made the postman ring two times after only one and a half week 😉 …. Talulah Blue does custom orders arranging feathers as you would like them to create unique fans for performance. Clients Include: Chrys Columbine, Marnie Scarlet, Lena Mea, Leyla Rose, Candy Demure, ME and many many more, along with lots of lovely ladies from over seas.

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