3. August 2011 Comments (1) Latexfashion

3. August 2011 Comments (1) Latexfashion

Candyliceous Fashion from Violaceous Latex UK

Photographer: Toria Brightside

Summer doesn‘t really want to come to Germany. Some days it seems like it says hallo for one or two days – and then quickly travels on. For summer fashion this means that it will only spend a short time in the collections of shops and boutiques, too. However, this brings us the option of alternatively wrap your body into fine latex couture. While some appreciate the cooling effect of the material, others can’t really stand the sudatory side effect of it, but in one point most people agree – alternative latex fashion made by creative laboratories like Violaceous Latex are marvelous, extravagant and simply amazing.

photo by Morat, MoratPhotography.com

photo by by Harmony Nicholas

For example, this smart label, which is located in South Yorkshire, loved to experiment with shiny bonbon colors. The name of this collection called “Candy” couldn’t fit any better. But fashion fans will also find elegant burlesque inspired fashion from Violaceous Latex. Metallic colors in a wild combination with transparent materials and cute quillings will give any woman a unique look. Dresses, tops, bodysuits and sweet accessories are made in handcraft and become custom made outfits that perfectly fit their wearers. Often, it’s the little and fine details that make theses designs so unique. With the “I Want Candy” collection you will get more than enough of that.

Photographer: Joseph O’brien

Photographer: Joseph O’Brien | Photographer: Freak Alternative Photographic’s

All of those who would like to get a deeper insight into the most current collections or go wild in the webshop to shine at the next fashion party or fetish event should take a closer look at the Violaceous Latex Online Store. Lucky us, it’s accessible day and night.. also NOW 🙂

Featured Title Pix by Photographer: Holly West

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