16. November 2011 Comments (1) Events

16. November 2011 Comments (1) Events

Chaz Royals World Burlesque Games 2012 in London

Here we go again! London’s… no wait.. the WORLD’s greatest burlesque event will, again, be the highlight of 2012 and a must-visit for all enthusiasts. The host Chaz Royal loves to stimulate our anticipation with eye candy and much passion for the detail. Not without any reason he calls himself “Burlesque King”, because you probably won’t find anything comparable. The World Burlesque Games 2012 are the adequate successor of the last five events and in the sixth year they are just as fascinating like it was last year. One more time international burlesque artists, newcomer and classics of stage art will be presented and put together into seven days of a spectacular event. Until the 5th of January male and female performers can register for their performance RIGHT HERE to maybe share the stage between May 7th – 13th with the best of the best. Everyone else should mark this event in their calendar and already book their flight.


WORLD BURLESQUE GAMES 2012 Teaser from Californication on Vimeo.

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