25. May 2011 Comments (3) Burlesque, Pin-Up, Vintage

25. May 2011 Comments (3) Burlesque, Pin-Up, Vintage

Deadly Dames Rockabilly and Pinup Couture on Buy-Unlike

Everytime I like to go for some polka-dot-petticoats, pencil skirts and cherry dresses, I first visit the online shop of Buy-Unlike. In times of online stores you are able to save incredibly much time – and effort. Real shopping can be so nice, especially when you almost got the store for your own and when you’re treated so nice by its owner. People often ask me where I get my outfits and when it comes to pin-up-dresses and rockabella fashion it’s always Buy-Unlike for me. Time after time it happens that I visit their store in Saarbrücken, the home town of this rockabella online-shops. No matter if you like retro bathings suits, 50ies dresses, pin-up fashion tops or capri pants from Deadly Dames, Buy-Unlike has all that and much more. And, besides the classics of the latest collections, there is also a SALE-stand… yes – a dream for all bargain hunters and sale fans..

Of course you could find the labels of Buy-Unlike for less euros if you get them directly from their producers, but let me tell you, I already tried it and it’s not really that cheaper. Ordering something in foreign European countries always means the risk of the duty control and the duty fees that are added to the usual shipping costs.
So Buy-Unlike doesn’t design fashion themselves, at least NOT YET 😉 but they allow you to avoid the duty fees and always deliver fast and on time. I already go countless dresses and accessoires from Saarbrücken’s retro shop and I’m a 100 percent happy with them. All of you who are looking for retro and vintage fashion, for pin-up couture and rockabella fashion or magical retro kitsch: Buy-Unlike is your store. To make it clear: There are exactly two reason for you to travel to Saarbrücken: 1st The model madness Contest, which by the way was pretty funny as usual, and 2nd that spectacular shop0 named Buy-Unlike.

In the end, I have to tell you that the new online shop is already ready to start of. So don’t let the Look and Feel of the current stop you from ordering! I promise you, the functionality of the old shop, that is still the current online shop, is flawless. Of course, I tested it a zillion times myself, before I recommend it to you 🙂 The good thing about a personal visit, of course, is that you can try on the beautiful pieces right away… 🙂

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