26. June 2011 Comments (2) Pin-Up, Vintage

26. June 2011 Comments (2) Pin-Up, Vintage

Deadly Sins of Kiss me Deadly Lingerie

Well, once upon a time, women suddenly threw away all their oh-so-innocent suspender belts, truly believing they would never need them again. The secret of the perfect waistline belt got lost – for decades. Cheap sex accessories of minor quality and little beauty floated the market. Scratchy, colorfully died rubbish from far east got established. According to reports it was a movement that found this secret at a nameless place and hereby discovered a lost treasure. First unique pieces attracted the attention of the femme fatale – the classy, sensual and retro-inspired woman of today. A lingerie label from lovely UK that carries the fabulous name “Kiss me Deadly” became the home of wonderful and elegant suspender belts with six fastening strings and functional eyelets, candy-sweet corsets, bras, authentic nylon stockings and much more.

Nylon stockings are an essential part of every Burlesque performance. The elegant undressing of the authentic leg accessories absolutely wows the crowd. There is nothing worse than cheap stockings that stick to your legs due to their low quality. The aesthetic and the glamour of the moment immediately fly out the stage exit.

KISS ME DEADLY puts a big focus on authenticity and classic designs and connects these aspects with the current trend topic of SHAPEWEAR: At least every second Hollywood diva would not be very sexy if you watch them getting undressed. Hidden little fat pads are often kept in shape with the help of these rather ugly accessories. That this too can actually be more elegant as well is impressively proven by KISS ME DEADLY. Let them inspire you with enchanting underwear retro designs, bras and vintage suspender belts. That’s just how beautiful retro can be…

Pix © Kiss Me Deadly


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