7. February 2011 Comments (0) Corsets

7. February 2011 Comments (0) Corsets

Feminine & very romantic: V-Couture Corset

The focus of „V-Couture“ lies on details and individuality. The designs are very feminine, they reflect women in all their aspects: From romance to opulence, from strength to tenderness. A very special garment that stands for pure feminity is the corset. A well fitted, handcrafted corset has become a luxurious rarety in these days, so „V-Couture“ has dedicated herself in corsetry for bringing back this undeservedly vanished piece of clothing.

The designer pays special attention to high quality materials like silk fabrics and finest filigree laces – various of the laces and embroideries are produced by „V-Couture“ herself. Another important facet of the concept of „V-Couture“ is individuality and changeability. The garment offers the possibility of changing and individulization to its wearer. „V-Couture“ designs can be changed by removable details like pearl strands or shoulder straps; there is a special corset line with interchangeable corset fronts and finally, „V-Couture“ offers a collection of corset jewellry, that can be attatched to every corset for changing and valorizing the design. ”

all pics © Nightshadow-Photoart
“The fashion label „V-Couture“ was founded in 2008 by the German designer Verena Dietzel. She graduated in fashion and costume design at the international fashion institute „ESMOD“; afterwards, she has worked for movie, musical and theatre productions as well as a stylist for photo shootings for extending her knowledges. These experiences have an apparent influence to the designs of „V-Couture“.

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