29. June 2011 Comments (1) Allgemein, Latexfashion

29. June 2011 Comments (1) Allgemein, Latexfashion

Goliath Book: Latex Fashion Photography Bible

I can clearly remember the times when you could order latex fashion via catalogue and the presented images supported a cliché. Apart from a label called “Schwarze Mode” there wasn’t much of true high fashion photography for that kind of clothing.

That changed with the integration of this material into the “normal” fashion world. Quite often latex accessories decorate a number of labels and this is the reason why fashion photography for latex fashion changed as well. The fact that these wonderful pictures are actually able to fill a 384 page strong book is something I would have never expected. The Goliath publisher presents the classy hardcover book “Latex Fashion Photography”, which contains 60 outstanding photographers and thirty incredible latex designers. Next to the amazing outfits from Hedony Design, Kaoris Latex Dreams, Naucler Design and HMSLatex you’ll also find more unknown but awesome labels like Amstatik Latex or Violaceous Latex.
The Goliath publishers is well known for modern pin up photo books and completes a series of sexy Goliath photo books with this fine piece called “Latex Fashion Photography”, making a difference by putting the focus not only on the models but also on the fashion.

Even though I would criticize the introduction of the book, which talks about “piefig Burlesque Fashion”, which means something like “corny”, the 400 impressing images are worth looking at and offer terrific inspiration. Apart from that this fashion column proves that Burlesque and vintage fashion is everything else than “piefig” – from my point of you 🙂 from the spacegirl up to Rock’n’Roll Riot, Femme Fatale and Modern Pin-Up all kinds of style are played to the gallery and poured on the bodies 🙂 Definitely a hot recommendation for all latex fashion enthusiasts that love to put their passion to public, just as Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera do – because this Haute Couture is just way too brilliant to keep it in your bedroom alone. You can order this wonderful photo fashion book at www.goliathbooks.com.

“Latex Fashion Photography is published as a finely printed and bound hardcover coffee-table book and includes a comprehensive index of latex labels, shops, photographers and models. From classic cream, to candy hues and pitch black – an erotic mix of elaborately constructed latex dresses, futuristic suits, miniskirts, garter belts with latex stockings, and hot corsets all make an appearance here.” Goliath Books

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