12. June 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque Accessories

12. June 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque Accessories

Jasmin the Strange – extraordinary Burlesque Fascinators

Adjectives usually tempt to judge the objects and subjects they describe. Describing things without adjectives and still managing to reach people emotionally is almost impossible. Words such as strange, weird, unknown, uncommon and many more are not necessarily part of a positive description, however, designer Jasmin calls herself just that, because with her creation she manages to put these usually negative words in an incredibly positive light.

You can actually almost call that magical. All you need to do for understanding that is getting an image of her unique hat creations and head decoration accessories. This designer from Berlin creates truly unique pieces with much passion and lovely details.

Model: Eden, Fotograf: Torsten Solin

Just the other day I witnessed such a creative process and I let me tell you… Even though I am working in the creative industry myself, I didn’t expect such an amazing result. Why? Because the materials all come from Deko Behrendt, Berlins most popular decoration store, and in the end it was nothing more than mixeed tinnef that had been put together. Sammy Scissors from Red Cat 7 proved to me that magic must be in the play for getting such an incredible result.

I accuse designer Jasmin to be working with the same kind of magic, when she creates those little master pieces that are even able to tell a whole story on your head. Of course she also produces bags, tops and further accessories, but my own personal focus in this article is definitely put on her head decorations only. Hair accessories, head decorations and hats truly belong to the most important parts of an outfit – on the one hand they are able to distract from not so good hairdressing skills, on the other hand they can just complete an outfit and make it perfect.

Jasmin’s “strange” world of unique masterpieces is currently only accessible via DAWANDA and time after time you might be able to find them at Berlin’s scene markets. This a) guarantees the uniqueness of your accessory and b) the world just got so small due to online shopping anyways. You should definitely take a virtual look at her individual masterpieces.

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