14. September 2011 Comments (0) Vintage

14. September 2011 Comments (0) Vintage

Lauren Rennells Retro and Vintage Make-Up Bible

Lauren Rennell’s latest publication on Vintage looks is in stores now. After the first book called “Vintage Hairstyling” the successor is now about to bring the perfect look into the faces of their readers, because, of course, every vintage and burlesque outfit needs the ideal make up. The new soft cover book includes many hints, advices and tips for the shape of your eyebrows, the colour of your lips and the perfect eyelid line. Of course, YouTube offers quite as much videos that talk about the same stuff, but these homemade streams will neither tell you any historical backgrounds nor the classic do’s and don’ts. 😉 And this is exactly what makes this little book with all those advices so helpful. Next to vintage styling techniques the retro make up book from Lauren Rennells offers much more inspirations and ideas for the perfect make up.

The introduction presents and explains the most popular make up tools by using amazing retro photos and old pin-up pictures. After that, the different epochs, from the wild 20s up to the even wilder 60s, are introduced and typical traits of every make up style are described. Lauren Rennell puts a special focus on the perfect lip colors, the perfect face shading and the matching eyelid line. Step by step descriptions about covering your eyebrows, the perfect position for your beauty spot and also the connection to certain epoch styles are presented. From the Hollywood glamour star and the pinup bombshell up to the crazy eyeliner creations of the sixties – this is a must have for all of those who love to make their face shine by expressive makeup.

Until now, the book is unfortunately only available in English, but is written in easy language that is easily comprehensive, especially because uncountable images illustrate the techniques. On the new and nice website from HRST BOOKs you will find more infos and of course, here is where you can order the book.

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