8. May 2011 Comments (2) Burlesque, Events

8. May 2011 Comments (2) Burlesque, Events

London Burlesque Week 2011 Fashion Inspirations

Burlesque Fashion always starts on stage. And, of course, inspirations such as a tribute gala in London is just a wonderful opportunity to see great outfits and sensational costumes. The London Burlesque 2011 Tribute Gala was mostly about presenting yourself at your best. According to the motto “more is more” the ladies were presenting outfits on the stage that just blew my mind over and over again. While in the audience you could see glamorous corsets ála Maya Hansen, the performers on state were just off the hook. Perfectly matching corsets and lingerie sets, charming and elegant evening fashion and amazing costumes were calling my addiction of sparkling fashion. A few photos might give you a first impression of how much passion for detail those artists involve and might give you some image. I myself already got a new dreams…

My diva tribute dress from Red Cat 7 has just been finished, but how does the saying go? A rolling stone gathers no moss! And shopping truly heals every wound of your everyday life.

YouTube Preview Image

For more lovely Performances look at the Burlesque Video Blog

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