26. April 2011 Comments (1) Designer, Latexfashion

26. April 2011 Comments (1) Designer, Latexfashion

Lüllepop Design – not just for playing

When innovative design meets extravagant materials, this often means that these clothes can only be admired on the runway of the big fashion shows. However, no designer can live only on admiration and applause. A different strategy shows Berlin designer Cathleen Reinheckel with her label Lüllepop Design. Lüllepop creates exclusive and innovative fashion by using a crossover of different materials. Latex and other highly qualitative flexible fabric such as lycra, leather and lace lay on their wearer’s body like a second skin and offer an absolute amazing wearing comfort. Here, one can choose whether rubber material is integrated in the piece of cloth or if it should be worn additionally to the fabric.

An appropriate education, long experience in working with latex and a diploma in fashion design are responsible for that rare combination of different materials and the unique retro and vintage elements. Cathleen manages to create a high degree of elegance and an even higher amount of expressivity. The young label Lüllepop does not only present its current collection “Lucente Clessidra”, but also offers the production of small fashion lines and the realization of unique custom-made pieces, based on the ideas of clients. The possibilities of these material combinations are simply unlimited.

Currently, the latest collection „Lucente Clessidra“ earns recognition within a competition that needs to be won. And you can tip the scales! You can let your opinion be count at the Evoque competition by just giving your vote. And the best thing about it: All you need is a facebook account and you can vote HERE.

All Pics © Lüllepop Design, Photos: Andre Gawanka

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