26. June 2011

Deadly Sins of Kiss me Deadly Lingerie

Well, once upon a time, women suddenly threw away all their oh-so-innocent suspender

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23. June 2011

Prêt a Porter Corsets from Morgana Femme Couture

Corsets definitely belong to the most important items that had a revival due to

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12. June 2011

Jasmin the Strange – extraordinary Burlesque Fascinators

Adjectives usually tempt to judge the objects and subjects they describe. Describing

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31. May 2011

Louise Charlotte Taylor – Latex Fashion Design

© 2011 Louise Charlotte Taylor If there had been designers like Louise Taylor in

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25. May 2011

Deadly Dames Rockabilly and Pinup Couture on Buy-Unlike

Everytime I like to go for some polka-dot-petticoats, pencil skirts and cherry

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11. May 2011

Feisty Cat Burlesque Pasties and Tassels Collection 2011

It is finished! The brand new Nipple Pasties Collection is now available in the

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8. May 2011

London Burlesque Week 2011 Fashion Inspirations

Burlesque Fashion always starts on stage. And, of course, inspirations such as a

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26. April 2011

Lüllepop Design – not just for playing

When innovative design meets extravagant materials, this often means that these

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14. April 2011

Latex Catsuits from HW Design Austria

About 15 years ago designer Harald Wilfer followed his passion and started to create

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12. April 2011

London Burlesque Week 2011 – the Video Teaser

With a packed schedule of highprofile events, celebrity following and a loyal and

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