20. September 2011 Comments (1) Designer, Vintage

20. September 2011 Comments (1) Designer, Vintage

Retro future fashion for allday showgirl rebels by Misty Greer

Image By: Patrick Parenteau | Company: DVPix International

Individuality is the most powerful force. In fashion, it means to escape from the everyday monotony and set a sign. If you take a look at the incredibly creative spectrum of Misty Greer’s TrunkShow collection and compare it to your own reflection, you might catch yourself drawing a comparison between a grey wallflower and a pink elephant 🙂 However, you don’t even need to. Misty Greer makes unique pieces for good prices and – for your individual needs and wishes. In their Etsy shop you can find a small but exclusive choice of pencil skirts and shirts. Still, making the effort to take a closer look at the photos from their one-of-a-kind fashion shows will absolutely make your mouth water. A firework of sequins, French lace, high-quality leather, silk and Swarovski pearls lets every event, every party and, of course, everyday-life shine in a completely new light.

photo: Matthew Burditt

photo: Pinup Perfection Photography

After her university graduation in Fashion Design the originally American lady Misty Greer moved to Vancouver to follow her fashion dreams. Despite her success, she stayed incredibly down-to-earth. At Misty Greer’s you will be pampered from head to toe. From the first idea up to the first cuts and the production, the decoration, the fitting and, of course, the wrapping – this lady does it all herself. Every piece is just sooo unique… And isn’t that just exactly what we need? Uniqueness. In fashion this is the purest and most glamorous form of rebellion, combined with a slight touch of provocation and a good amount of glitter. Just according to the motto “Fashion should be like a good striptease” this amazing designer simply belongs to the extraordinary compendium of Burlesque, Vintage and Alternative fashion.

left Photo: ONO Photography

All of those who like to see more of Misty Greer’s Trunkshow collection should check out her photo albums on Facebook or her Website. And all of those who would like to get involved into her spectacular world right away can throw themselves into the wild glamour overload at the ETSY Shop and bask in bows and glitter.

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