5. September 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque, Designer

5. September 2011 Comments (1) Burlesque, Designer

Silk & Pearls traditional Bavarian clothing – rocking Burlesque Dirndls

It’s about time again! What Germans call the „fifth season“ is about to start and what would be more appropriate than take preparations by buying a sexy outfit. Searching for the perfect label that combines burlesque inspiration with southern German fashion tradition wasn’t even that hard, since a friend of mine has already been wrapped in silk&pearl dirndls several times. You don’t have to be born in down south Bavaria to love the wonderful cuts, materials and variation of dirndl fashion. And even though I really fell in love with the classic Bavarian leather pants, I will always have an eye on the traditional dirndl fashion, especially when it’s a unique piece.

If you have a Silk & Pearls Dirndl customized you can be sure that you won’t find a second model of your dress on Oktoberfest. All of those embarrassing “Oh, you too”- kind of sentences can be avoided and instead of them you will catch some envy eyes – be sure!

Since 10-12 years dirndl dresses have become more and more popular and today they are much more than the service uniforms they used to be back then. Many designer hopped on this trend and uncountable online stores offer classic and modern pieces for low prices. But high quality cloth and materials, sugar-sweet details and regularly fresh cuts that will give every woman a new feeling of femininity can only be found in dirndl manufactures like Silk&Pearls. Actually it was just about time that burlesque flair inspires the traditional clothing collections. The Silk&Pearls team will take you to dupion silk, silk damast, cotton prints and unique color combinations.

A shockingly perfect fit for individual traditional clothing is guaranteed. So all of those who would love to be the perfect eye catcher on this year’s Wies’n or simply likes to enrich their personal collection of dirndls should take a look at the website of Silk&Pearls. Once you got your customized unique dirndl dress the only thing you have to do is tie your bow 🙂 and, keep in mind: it says a lot about you, where exactly you tie your bow 🙂

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