20. July 2011 Comments (1) Designer

20. July 2011 Comments (1) Designer

Tolllkirsche – with wonderful risks and side-effects

photo Nite Owl

When something literally takes your breath away because you saw something you always wanted to have and your feel that rush moving through your body, goose bumps turning up and your body temperature rises, then you know that you really got to have that something. And the moment you finally hold that object of desire in your hands becomes unforgettable. Every consumer knows about that feeling. It is like the famous temptation you yield to, almost like a drug. The label “Tolllkirsche” (meaning banewort in English) didn’t choose its name just randomly and used a third “L” to underline its unique character. It is intoxicating, sweet, hieratically playful, elegantly avantgardistic, modernly nostalgic and seductively crazy. Every sewing stitch that put together the extravagant fabric and materials shows confidence, pride, class and style.

photo Nite Owl

photo Hanja Litzba

This label totally fell into my hands, completely out of the blue 😉 .. The Underground Catwalk 2011 in his fifth year still brought some surprises for fashion victims. Here, Tolllkirsche presented two wonderful uniform looks whose details and quality made me curious and were the reason for an introduction of the label in this fashion column. Visiting the virtual world of the label even promised more. Modern materials beautifully harmonize with the bold cuts of the 1920’s, 1950’s and the rebellion in the good old 1980’s I myself became a victim of :-). Latex and foil meet chiffon and lace – too spectacular for dying and too wonderfully minimalistic for living. That’s how versatile the fashion of a true designer can be.

photo Borris Mayer

Thomas Burggraf | photo OKn Photography

Michaela Glasstetter is leading the label since 2005 and recently opened an atelier in the Ruhrpott area, more precisely in Dortmund to be able to respond to more individual costumer wishes. Here, too, is the origin of the most recent outfits from her online shop. Even when the order situation is quite busy you still receive quite a quick reply, so you can pretty soon welcome her fabulous collections in your home. Myself, too, belongs to those positively intoxicated people and would love to recommend the ZERO ZERO collection to you. For all sanitary risks and additional information of those addictive designs information please read the enclosed leaflet 😉

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