10. April 2012 Comments (1) Corsets

10. April 2012 Comments (1) Corsets

Atelier Sylphe – french corset créatrice corsetière

© Mark Black

France probably belongs to the inventors of corset fashion, even though the origins of these fine pieces lay in corsages, bodices and other traditional clothes. From Belle Epoque till today reasons for wearing corsets have barely changed. The man or woman wearing can be sure that this item creates the perfect curves. It is just natural that a corset manufacturer from Lyon just has to be mentioned in this small burlesque, alternative and corsage fashion collection right here.

The Atelier Sylphe will impress you with its variety of unique pieces of the stylish shape wear. Charming frills and paspels as well as classic shapes are part of their collections. Custom made pieces are available, of course, for half-covering breast corsets and fully-covering breast corsets. Just like Spanish Designer Bibian Blue or Velda Lauder these corsets are handmade and made of high quality materials.

photos by © Eric Bagnaro

From burlesque and pin-up corsets, up to classic bride’s wear and exclusive fetish combinations made of latex, leather and transparent plastics. In the Atelier Sylphe little masterpieces are made which are worth more than just a second glance. This is what their websites invites invites you to, even though it’s only held in French – but still, looking around is much fun. I am still not sure if direct communication in English is possible. Moreover, Atelier Sylphe has a small ETSY Shop in which promotion corsets, unique pieces and coret information are available.

© Un oeil pour Deux  /  © Mark Black

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