28. August 2012 Comments (1) Latexfashion

28. August 2012 Comments (1) Latexfashion

Candylicious Latexfashion by Bellatrixx Capella

All Pix © Bellatrixx Capella

Germany moves towards October season and my fashion thoughts are only about German Trachten fashion. The happier we can be about a little break. I mean, this burlesque and alternative fashion magazine is supposed to remain as colorful as fashion reality itself. Here, latex always belongs to the first choice when it comes to researching new topics and of course I didn’t have to go far to find another great designer who offers a great collection with many bright colors and much passion for the details. Bellatrixx Capalla produces lovely, handmade, candy-like wrappings since 2011 in the United Kingdom. Take a look at the other Latexlabels too 🙂

Photo By Laura Dark Photography

Just like many of the really good latex labels Bellatrixx Capalla loves to play with color and presents the skin-tight material in various retro patterns. Frills, pipings, bows rhinestone applications, anchors, stars and many other elements are part of the unique fashion line of the musician. Creating her clothes, Bellatrixx sets high value on feminine cuts and shapes and isn’t afraid of fulfilling the most colorful customer’s wish. Those who immediately fell in love with the metallic, colorful, retro-inspired latex fashion should not waste any time and take a closer look at the website of Bellatrixx Capalla, and I’m sure, you will find your next favorite item among her dresses, skirts, tops, hotpants, leggings and accessories.

photo: Adam Saunders

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