30. March 2012 Comments (4) Burlesque, Events

30. March 2012 Comments (4) Burlesque, Events

Free Tickets – World Burlesque Games 2012 London

„Ludi incipiant“ means as much as: Let the games begin. This does not only apply to old Greece, but also for today. Of course, I am talking about the game right here where you can exclusively win on Burlesque-Fashion.de and Burlesque-fashion.com. Not fewer than 1 x 2 tickets for the official Triple Crown Press Gala on May 8th 2012 in Floridita (hosted by wonderful Miss Behave) will go to those who follow the instructions below. Performances by artists from all over the world expect you at the most spectacular mega Burlesque event ever.
Burlesque King Chaz Royal himself called out the invitation and will bring a whole week of fine and amazing burlesque erotic on the stages of London. You might never find an opportunity like that again – because no event can be repeated. The World Burlesque Games 2012 supports young talents and put well-known variete and burlesque artists into a new light. An environment full of excitement, amazing costumes, body art and a charming blink of an eye is waiting for its audience.

So now it is about me to explain to you what you have to do. Until April 24th 2012 you can comment on this column and – this is necessary – share this picture on your Facebook (just copy this link and put it on your wall).


So these are only two easy steps that can get you into the hottest show in London. Apart from that, London is always worth a visit and flying with easyjet or ryan air will cost you just as much as a taxi in your hometown would. I wish you so much fun and I’m looking forward to seeing you in London… Of course, if more people participate, we will randomly chose someone by chance.

Don’t miss the TRIPLE CROWN: A fun filled evening that challenges Variety based Burlesque performers to infuse extra dance genres, hidden talents & special surprise gimmicks to their signature routines.




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