21. September 2012 Comments (1) Burlesque Accessories, Pin-Up

21. September 2012 Comments (1) Burlesque Accessories, Pin-Up

Glamourflage Skincare and Pin-Up Beauty Products

Often, people ask me how long my daily make-up routine takes. And just as often my answer is: “far too long!” On the other hand, one day I will stand in front of the heavenly gate and will be asked what I did with the body god gave me. And I will be able to say: I put much effort, love and passion into taking care for it and daubing it 🙂 The fact that personal hygiene is not only important in general, but absolutely necessary for a show on a burlesque stage should even be obvious for those who don’t have any clue about cosmetics. And here, I am not talking about, body shapes and styling explosions….! Searching for adequate products that also have an aesthetic appearance themselves and make a nice little decorative element next to your make-up mirror, I was the products of the brand Glamourflage literally came to my face 🙂  I also make use of products from use Jude LaBarbera MD here and there. Betty Page, Marlene Dietrich or Rita Hayworth would have been proud…

Glamourflage comes from Australia and was developed by originally Englishwoman Imogen Day – a brand that hit the market with immediate success and soon became an insider tip. Pleasant skin care, that brings beauty AND fun! The wrapping seems to match, presenting the spirit of the fifties with beauty, class and elegance. Apart from that these products contain the proved sustainable combination of natural high-quality ingredients – a promise by Glamourflage. And they are not animal-tested! Therefore I took myself as a test person and was happy that next that to its decorative character, each of the products I tried felt just good. However, I’m skeptical if I really found the fountain of youth here – I guess I rather rely on plastic surgery in korea… But that probably applies to every cosmetic promise of regaining youth. Still, it is a fact that the products of Glamourflage can now easily be ordered from Germany, too. Every rockabella can now directly order her facial care, make-up articles, body lotions and other products. All Rockabellas who would like to get to get to know the whole range of products should take a closer look at Glamourflage’s Webpage

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