18. March 2012 Comments (2) Fascinators

18. March 2012 Comments (2) Fascinators

Janine Basil – Handmade Retro Styled Hats, Fascinators and Headbands

Style is a matter of head, that is for sure. And without appropriate headdress every burlesque outfit is definitely incomplete. This is not always about size and colorful pompousness, it’s about finding a perfectly matching accessory for your outfit. Just like the perfect purse, your head accessory should be of high quality and innovative – or just banging. In between these options there is simply nothing. From my point of view, putting a simple polka dot bow into your hair is just embarrassing and will probably be punished with pitiful glances ;-). You can solve this problem with the help of wonderful Janine Basil, which will simply convince you with her hats, headdresses and glitter accessories. Of course, all pieces are handmade in London and every piece is unique. When I first saw the masterpieces of Janine Basil on flickr., I was overwhelmed. One head magic trick after another appeared on my screen. Again, I fell in love…

© Poppy Photography | Candee Photography

© Danielle Keogh | MAE Photography

You probably can relate to that, once you check this online shop and put one sweet hat into your shopping bag… and second one…and another one…and in the end, you’re about to check out with ten. Due to the simple fact that this will blow your budget, you are probably forced to sort some pieces out. When it comes to me, this is the hardest part and you’ll probably need a night to sleep on it. 😉 For me, this night is over and my choice is made. I can only recommend you one afternoon or night in Janine Basil’s colorful, individual and crazy burlesque head dress world. And I’m pretty sure that you yourself stock some outfits in your wardrobe that haven’t yet been matched with the perfect fascinator, but this sorrowful time is over. Glitter pillboyes, alice bands in the shape of lebkuchen-figures, feather fascinators, innovative comic headbands, elegant vintage hats and hair dreams is what you can find on Janine Basils homepage… Let that rest on your head 😉

© Simon Price Photography | Chris Visual Photography


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