13. July 2012 Comments (1) Designer, Events

13. July 2012 Comments (1) Designer, Events

Lena Hoschek Fashion Show 2012 in the land of the dead

Again and again ist exciting and extraordinary. Lena Hoschek manages to give her show a fresh note. The question if she sent her models to the land of the dead for a special reason, however, remained unanswered. Especially against the background of discussions about anorexic models I’m quite curious about her intention. Yet, I leave this issue disregarded, since this column is about fashion and from this point of view Lena Hoschek took us on another journey to feminine sensuality, coupled with love for colorful some retro and vintage feeling. Lena Hoschek’s fashion runway 2012 was all about contrasts. The initially mentioned makeup of the models was not the only contrasting feature in her presentation. She also, again, involved see-through materials, flowing shapes, bright colors, emphasizing and less emphasizing cuts. In contrast to her last catwalk she showed a wonderful variety, of which I did not like every piece, but this is not necessary. However, I would not have been sad about owning some of those amazing fashion exhibits

To only name some examples, there were great cigar pants made of high quality black lace, but also denim materials with bright red applications. Pencil skirts, tunics, petticoat skirts and frilled dresses were shown with detailed embroidery. Lena Hoschek definitely impressed me. Not only was the music support perfectly chosen, the skull makeup and braided hairstyling with rose accessories seemed brilliant from the beginning, because nothing is worse than boredom on a runway. Connecting the “Dia de los Muertos”, which is a Mexican holiday on which you celebrate the deceased, with a fashion show is definitely something brave and at the same brilliant. Menswear designers can definitely learn from that! It should all be about surprising and not about warming up some old soup. Lena Hoschek took a special topic and turned it into something really amazing. A tiny bit of pin-up, a bit of torero, a bit of Nepalese colors and a full load of sexiness – that what I like to wear.

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