23. May 2012 Comments (1) Fascinators

23. May 2012 Comments (1) Fascinators

Miss G Designs – Custom Feather Headpieces From California

© photographer: Aurlelie Chen | Model & MUA: Scarlett River

Head accessory does usually not serve the purpose to protect the head of the person who wear it, but is there to put him or her into the limelight. There are a lots of ethical groups on this planet that are well-known for their head accessories. However, a label names Miss G Designs proves that there are also fashion designers who manage to create real artwork for your head. 2009 designer Caley Johnson founded the label in Los Angeles, intending to support the individuality of every hat-lover with nature-inspired head accessory. Of course, she immediately knew that there are also lots of male artists in burlesque scene, who, too, love to deck their heads with such glamour accessory. Just the other day, I got the chance to have a glance at the incredible black feathered bolero from Joe Black at London Burlesque Week. A dream. And so, everybody who is tired of boring everyday-hats is welcome.

© Photographer: Keith Allen Phillips | Photographer: Aurlelie Chen

© Photos By: Sidney Erthal | Photographer: James Ryder & Daniel Hoyt

Cakey Johnson’s creations are unique and every woman wearing them is guaranteed to not have those embarrassing moments where you look at your friend, thinking “Gosh, why did I buy my accessory off the rack” 😉 . Those who would not like to completely rely on the creativity of the artist, is invited to bring in their own ideas, which are carefully integrated from Miss G Design. Next to a wonderful website with countless inspirations and the compulsory link to their facebook page, shopping fans from Europe can also find their ETSY Shop. Here, feathers in all color and material combinations, from glamorous to elegant, from ethnic to gothic, are waiting for you. Always close to nature and never too simple :-). A firework of head jewelry, that really left me speechless and full of superlatives.

© Photographer: Keith Allen Phillips

© photo by Shelley Shellshock | © Photographer: James Ryder & Daniel Hoyt

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