15. June 2012 Comments (1) Pin-Up

15. June 2012 Comments (1) Pin-Up

Rock’n’Roll Trachten and Dirndl fashion from Winkler Germany

Alle Bilder mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Winkler Trachten.

It’s said that there are people who call German traditional dresses (originally named “Trachten”) boring. Mostly it’s just these people who run around in the most ordinary clothes, which are reduced to some conventional color.
The Trachten house Winkler proves that next to the classic traditional fashion you can also find stylish Trachten fashion that gets along quite well with the topic of Rock’n’Roll. Here, value is set on an authentic styling in a trend scene environment. Personally, I think it’s a perfect match. Here, you got the most important style elements working together in perfect harmony: tattoos, quaff and Trachten. By now I one to great outfits from Winkler Trachten and matched them with burlesque items several times. Works out greatly! Besides, I can only report positive things about the quality: Dirndl as well as the classic leather pant / blouse combination fit perfectly and have a fix place in the first row of my closet.

According to the motto “Tracht meets Rock’n’Roll” the onlineshop of Winkler helps you preparing for the next Oktoberfest season. And one thing is sure – those who show up to the Wiesn wearing awefully boring everyday Trachten outfit, is responsible for the truth of the prejudice, I told you about in the beginning. Winkler Trachten helps fashionistas to get out of their styling misery and lets them shine in the style of pin-ups and the golden fifties. Those who do not like scrolling around in the online collection should go for the paper catalogue, which can be found HERE. All that you need for a complete outfit is some matching hair dressing and dramatically red lipstick 😉 … Concerning that… good Rock’n’Roll and pin-up hair styles can be found in the little bock “Rock’n’Hair”.

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