1. February 2012 Comments (1) Burlesque Accessories, Vintage

1. February 2012 Comments (1) Burlesque Accessories, Vintage

Swarovski Vintage “Swing, Sing & Shine” Jewelry Collection

photos by Michael Kovac/WireImage via Rogers & Cowan

Glamour Burlesque and Swarovski belong together like rubber and glue, but well..the latter might not be as shiny as the first. Those who are crazy about Customized Jewelry could be at the “Hollywood High Prom – Class of 1962” jewelry presentation in the notorious Beverly Hills Hotel where the current collection “Swing, Sing and Shine” was shown, which is, according to a press announcement, available for order at Swarovski.com from January 30th 2012.

Well, of course it is a long way from Berlin to Hollywood and unfortunately I don’t get invited to these kind of events YET *lool*, however, I’m happy to nevertheless be able to report on these far away VIP meetings. Right here it should be mentioned that I didn’t sneak around to stalk Dita’s activities, No. Actually, the PR agents of the world found this Burlesque fashion column. The visitor numbers speak for themselves 🙂 A big thank you – I’m always just so happy seeing this growing further and further.

Without any doubt, the Burlesque diva will find more than enough invitations in her mailbox every day. All the luckier is the Swarovski atelier in collaboration with Juan Carlos Obando, Zaldy, Eric Daman, Konstantin Kakanias and Philip Crangi to receive a positive answer by Miss von Teese. At Bar 1912 at the Beverly Hills Hotel invited guests like Tracee Ellis Ross, Natasha Henstridge and singer Estelle could admire AND probably TOUCH 😉 sparkling visual adventures.
In the end, Hollywood and Swarovski are just as closely connected as the couple mentioned in the beginning. The fact that glance and glitter belong to every Burlesque costume is not to question, nothing is more beautiful and amazing than blinding the audience just by standing on stage, before the show even started. The first wow-effect more or less is half the way to success for applause. An experienced Burlesque icon, of course, knows about that and so it’s not surprising that the beautiful figurehead of New Burlesque could be found at Bar 1912 and I’m pretty sure that at least one of her next upcoming shows will be highlighted by some sparkling outfits..

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