30. October 2012 Comments (0) Burlesque, Events

30. October 2012 Comments (0) Burlesque, Events

The beauty of Burlesque in Berlin by Paul Green

| All photos by Paul Green |

Today i want to show you an amazing photographic project from the artist Paul Green. He is a professional photographer with a background in fine art and commercial phtography and starts the Berlin Burlesque fine art photographic book project that aims to show the beauty, craziness and fun of a burlesque show. He was struck by the new burlesque scene he saw in Australia and decided to get to the heart of it. So he gave up his apartment, sold all the stuff, and took his cameras and himself to Berlin Germany to see what he would find. And he find many of gorgeous performers like Hedoluxe, Jochen Kronier, Marlene von Steenvaag, Clea Cutthroat, Lada Redstar, Ginger Synne, Frau Pepper and many many more. The book can’t be a complete overview of all Burlesque Stars in Berlin ’cause the scene is so huge but its a very hot introduction to Berlins Burlesque Nightlife.

Paul Green have been shooting burlesque shows with the goal of a book in his mind for 2 1/2 years. He take all the photos for free for the girls or the event organizers to promote themselves and their work. This book, with the launch and exhibition could be a small step towards this goal. Please support Paul Greens Fundraising Project and get your copy of a piece of burlesque art taken by a man who fall in love with this old performance art.

PS. Another great project of Paul Green is his portrait series which are taken at the Burlesque Events and shown in his Blog

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