18. June 2012 Comments (0) Burlesque, Events

18. June 2012 Comments (0) Burlesque, Events

World Burlesque Games 2012 – Fashion Inspirations

Sorry for delay… but now …. here’s the Review of an amazing Burlesque Event in London…

Every year Chaz Royal, self-proclaimed burlesque king (and deserving that title, from my point of view), sets a benchmark with his London Burlesque Festival. He reinvents this event year by year. After last year, where he used a huge hall, this year’s Burlesque Games took place in a small but fine location. Only one thing remained the same… After the show you go home – waiting for the after party or going to the club is not part of the program. But this should be my one and only point of critique and – to be honest with you, I was kind of happy about that fact. Because the one thing I learnt is: Never let your company alone with a drink for too long… 😉

The World Burlesque Games 2012 were an homage to the upcoming London Olympic Games this summer and a brilliant mixture of competition, Burlesque Show with Olympic atmosphere and an amazing variety. The event, as well as the next one, was sponsored by retro brand Secret in Lace and their CEO surprisingly took the chance to spend the evening among with the other visitors. And he took the chance to tell us about this hard job. And, this job is a challenge: Nowadays you never know whether a concept works out or not, not even when you order countless analyses and use facebook as a marketing snowball system. But, enough of all that side facts, let’s talk about the show: After I had been able to visit the event incognito on the first evening, I was happy as a dog for a bone to finally get into the taxi. To be more precise, we were so much “on time” that we again had to wait in front of Madam Jojo’s, right in the middle of Soho. After we were asked inside and took the steps into the basement bar, another surprise was waiting for me. It was cosy, and for a VIP Closing Event maybe a bit too large… or well at least, this was what I thought in the beginning. During the show I was more than happy about the fact that I had arrived quite early and was put on a good seat. What else could you ask for 😉

And then, the wild show started off, hosted by the amazing Joe Black, who himself was more show than host, but left enough space for what happened on stage. But I would say that… he didn’t really have a choice. Because the eight winners of the evenings before didn’t receive a crown for nothing. For the first time in my life I was enjoying burlesque. On the stage there were three male performers and a hula-hoop empress and all of them making the first half amazingly versatile. While Anna the Hulagan literally had my jaw dropping and I assume that must have looked quite weird, especially because laughing about the BigChief Randomchaos kept my mouth open, when they almost set the whole stage on fire… and I mean it verbally. It was also the performer British Heart who didn’t give me a break, but when this guy decided to go all naked and left the stage – I finally decided to close my mouth again…who knows what might have gone wrong otherwise ;-)..

The second half was totally owned by the girls. Wonderfully played performances by Peggy de Lune, Tansy, our Lada Redstar and Eliza deLite, all of them showing up great costumes and amazing stage presence, and leaving the stage quite ‘naked’, of courses, accompanied by the audience’s applause. All in all, I found this year’s event, which was more intimate than the last year’s, way better than its antecessor. It was just a successful concept, which even attracted the offsprings of teaserette Mama Sandy… who came all alone. So who is about to miss London Burlesque Festival 2013, be sure, Europe’s most colorful mixture of Burlesque, Comedy and amazing variety can only be found here – at least for now. Let’s see if I will see a change during my not-so-endless career… 😉 Unfortunately, the end of the evening was suboptimal in parts… now I want to hear a loud “ohhhh”… because I was more or less obliged to consume “fast food”, which gave me a bad stomach and digestion chaos…Now an “iiiihhhh”… and kind of overshadowed my positive memories of that evening. Aweful…. Now another “oohhhh”. Thank you.

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