31. July 2013 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

31. July 2013 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

Beautiful wedding dresses from Beyond Burlesque

Photographed by Arthakker (David Stoddart)

For the most beautiful day in a life, everything has to be perfect. Especially the dress, of course! Many wedding dresses are quite opulant gowns which sometimes lack a little feeling for the tiny details – and sometimes even lack taste. A quite individual wedding explosion for your body can be brought to you by Belina Chorley from Beyond Burlesque. Great gowns with a lot of classical inspiration and esprit of Burlesque. Beyonce Burlesque uses most exclusive fabric, much silk and lace, and, as a basis, a corset. Her dresses are unique pieces and far away from any cheap Chinese replica. Every stich works up for the one special day and turn the bride into a true princess – and who wouldn’t love to feel like that for one day?

Photographed by David Angel

Here, it only plays a minor role whether the gowns are cut in a big and bell-bottomed or in a body-tight shape. It is the feeling of shakes and goosebumps of the great event meeting the high-quality material. So when the engagement ring is solemny replaced by the clearly shaped wedding ring, the day is perfect and the sparkling in the eyes lasts forever.

Next to rocking your most wonderful day in a classic and elegant way, Belina is also an internationally known part of the creaty society: As a corsetiere for the amazing Vivienne Westwoode she mixes Rock’n’Roll, fetish and Haute Couture without losing her orientation for high quality. In the recently released costume movie „Anna Karenina“ Keira Knightley was wrapped in a great BB corset. By now, you happen to see great Hollywood stars in their clothes on the red carpets of movie awards on a regular basis. Among them Angelina Jolie or Greta Scacchi. The full scope of Belindas amazing fashion can be found on her beautiful website or, of course, on Facebook. Check out her masterpieces and then close your eyes. Let your imagination run wild and think of yourself becoming the red carpet superstar… or find yourself the love of your live and take them to the altar to become the princess in your very own Beyond Burlesque gown.

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