9. September 2013 Comments (1) Burlesque, Burlesque Accessories

9. September 2013 Comments (1) Burlesque, Burlesque Accessories

Burlesque Nipple Pasties Collection 2013 of Feisty Cat

© Feisty Cat / Berserker

What would a Burlesque performance be without pasties? Exactly… a boring striptease! *lool*. No, seriously, pasties simply belong to a Burlesque performance like salt belongs to French Fries. They add a little extra spice to your stage show and create some room for imagination. Of course, they are part of the stage outfit and have to go along with it or the overall topic of the performance – even if they „only“ take a small spot of the outfit. The current Feisty Cat Pasties collection 2013 offers you great combinations and a special flair of summer. Shiny sequin pasties in the shape of butterflies or ladybirds will get your audience into summer mood. Very detailed martin bird-shaped pasties are totally Rock’n’Roll and perfectly match the popular tattoo style outfits and amazing vintage dresses. However, elegant and classy pieces are part of the collection as well.

Right now, Feisty Cat Store lets you choose your favourite piece out of 140 wonderful designs, with which your Burlesque stage outfit can be perfectly completed. Here, you find the direct Link to the Nipple Pasties shop. Each one of the little creations are fully hand-made. For an extra skin-comforting touch and an easier cleaning, the bottom-side of the pasties is made of artificial leather. Last but not least, the little masterpieces are wrapped in a sweet little gift box and make a perfect „special“ present for a romantic night with your loved-one ;). Just in case it isn’t enough for your stage performance, believe me – some day it will… promised :). Just take a look around at Feisty Cat’s shop, they have lots of other great accessories that personally got me some envious glances and many compliments ;)…


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