25. April 2013 Comments (0) Burlesque, Corsets

25. April 2013 Comments (0) Burlesque, Corsets

Emoco Corsetry – Extraordinary Clothes for Extraordinary People

© Sommer Photography

Sometimes finding an impressing fashion label in Germany is the metaphorical search for the needle in the haystack. A small but nice manufacturer, somewhere between Frankfurt am Main and the city of Darmstadt has dedicated itself to put passion into the making of a very special piece of seductive garment – the corset. Especially when it comes to the corset, a lot of cheap stuff is sold worldwide. Cheap China imports of dubious quality are offered on several platforms, sometimes with photos of the high-quality originals. At Emoco Corsetry, things are individually designed, hand-made and, thanks to personal counseling, perfectly harmonized with the customer’s wishes. Classic fabric like satin, silk or lace are fascinatingly combined with prepared fabrics, whereby, of course, the designer takes into consideration the special features of each material.

© Sommer Photography

I really love the amazing overview of all the different combinations of corset variations, all of them equipped with a detailed describtion. Corset belts, waist corsets, underbreast corsets an halfbreast corsets as well as special cutting variations like the sweetheart décolleté, everything custom-made with much love for the detail for the customer. The good old MADE IN GERMANY gets brilliantly refreshed at Emoco Corsetry and the single unique pieces are quite hot. Heavy brocat or light tull, shiny gowns or shaped curves in uniforms, complete role-play outfits or “simply” decorating accessories – a corset from Emoco Corsetry promises a great sentimental value.

Further information and a lot of inspiration can be found on the wonderful website of Emoco Corsetry. A small selection of amazing corsets can be found at their little Dawanda Shop.


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