28. May 2013 Comments (0) Corsets

28. May 2013 Comments (0) Corsets

Sparklewren – fairy-like and animalistic corset couture from England

© Suzi Ovens

Actually, I always thought that a combination of animal prints and lace was a little over the top. Adding studs and feathers would just go way too far. I was definitely proved wrong by the fairy-inspired corsets and costumes by Jenni Hampshire from Sparklewrend. Just shortly after founding the label in early 2009 she established a reputation based on quality and extraordinary designs. The reason were colour and cutting combinations that are just exceptional and highly aesthetic. Jenni puts high value to individual handcraft. Hence, each and every piece of her corsets are a unique piece created by „crossing“ different styles. After three years of making corsets it was about time to open a small boutique in Birmingham, which serves as a studio and as a meeting point for corset enthusiasts. Here, new ideas come into mind and people come together for individual counseling interviews.


With the Birds Wing Collection traditional forms of historical corset arts are combined with studs, pearls, lace, silk and feathers and become unique masterpieces. Not without an reason the burlesque megastars like Immodesty Blaize trust Sparklewren when it comes to corset designs. Each and every stich represents excellent quality and passion for the details. Of course, such a handcraft needs some preparing time, a personal interview with the customer and time for creation, but after all of that you will get a precious thing with the potential to accompany you for the rest of your life – corsetry at its finest.

Pix by © Suzi Ovens, Katie Rose Mason, InaGlo Photography

For more Infos about Sparklewren from Birmingham check her ETSY SHOP and her Website for this awsome couture. You can also find her shop at: 33 Great Western Arcade, Colmore Row, Birmingham, B2 5HU UNITED KINDGOM. Monday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm.

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