31. May 2014 Comments (0) Designer, Latexfashion

31. May 2014 Comments (0) Designer, Latexfashion

Beauty meets decadence: Eustratia Latex from Manchester


If you go searching the internet for awesome latex couture, you sooner or later will find the latex label “Eustratia”, located in Manchaster and founded by Stacey Black. Her wish to create her own fashion label arose from her special taste for extraordinary costumes, unconventional clothes and latex. For Eustratia, the individual expression of the wearer is in the focus. Her style puts together the beauty of the past and the vision of the future. And this is, in my opinion, what comes clear at first glance. A tiny bit, her couture reminds me of the film classic “5th Element” – and still, the feminine shape of retro fashion shows trough.

Collection Stellar

Collection Chimera

Collection Spring / Summer 2014

Colors play a major role in the clothing lines of Eustration and in addition to the typical basics like tops, skirts and dresses Eustratia designs accessories like harnesses, gloves and belts and – of course – everything is handmade. From shiny colorful tones over to soft pastel shades and harsh black and white contrasts, Stacey plays with the color variety and the latex material like probably no one else does. The skin-tight material loses its scandalous touch and screams to get a place on the progressive fashion runways of this world.

Those of you who would like to find out more about Eustratia Latex can use the various ways of the digital worlds to get further information on Stacey Black. Next to the wonderful website of Eustratia, which also has several sale offers once in a while, her pages on the common social networks as well as her fabulous fashion blog are worth a visit

Teaserpicture by Ian McManus Photography

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