17. September 2014 Comments (0) Burlesque, Lingerie

17. September 2014 Comments (0) Burlesque, Lingerie

Burlesque and pin-up inspired lingerie from Dotties Delight

© Jane J. Gaspar

Nice lingerie often comes along with two major problems: First, most of the pieces are made for models whose bodies are far away from the curves of real women, and second wearing comfort is just not a thing. In many cases, the apparently beautiful designs are often produced with cloths that itch and bite. Especially in the world of Burlesque where the art of getting undressed is the most important thing, those aweful material nightmares are simply horrible. On the other hand, the consequence is that at home, most ladies chose to wear cotton briefs under their evening dresses (which is quite alright because most of the time, their husbands do not make a better choice for THEIR undies). The young label Dotties Delight from Chicago wanted to put this to an end and produce lingerie fashion which is as well a good working attire for Burlesque icons on stage as the perfect choice for the private use of the average retro lover.

© Kimberly Capriotti

New York and Chicago educated designer Stephanie Kuhr referred to the values of her Grandma Dorothy and founded the charming label Dotties Delight. The experience she made in the area of costume design as well as what she learned in metal processing helped her to make her shapewear and underwear becoming what you can now find on her beautiful website. A passion for the detail as well as the past of fashion history helped her to create a unique style, which influences her for various designs. Her vintage styled shapewear can be found everywhere but in your Grandma’s closet. Famous pin up models and Burlesque performer decorate their curves with their enchanting designs. And, of course, the fashionable customers love her fashion long before it became famous through the series of Mad Men.


Dotties Delight exclusively uses high quality and skind-kind materials to celebrate comfort and elegance. Those of you who would like to convince themselves of the vintage inspired underwear should follow her fanpage to not miss any of her upcoming collections. Awesome underwear has come to save many relationships and is responsible for shaping new connections. Dotties Delights Online Shop invites you with, among others, wonderful Miss Mosh and seduces you to … well… shop!

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