5. May 2014 Comments (0) Fascinators

5. May 2014 Comments (0) Fascinators

GG’s Pin-Up Head Couture from Wales

Greta MaCabre © Robert Gojević

Every kind of headdress has to be chosen carefully. Nothing is worse than some cheap China-made stuff of a boring mainstream fashion chain store – just to put something vintage on your head. Much too often I see styling desasters which make me cry, because the low quality is just too obvious. Instead, you should probably better make the effort to go to a good hairdresser, rather than heading for one of those mass production accessories with hair net pieces and other cliché details. Yet, there are many wonderful and unqiue hat and headpiece manufacturers all around the world. Even in sleepy Cardiff, you can find people who have a very creative hand for very special masterpieces for the heads of nearly everyone. The creative inventor of GG’s Pin-Up Couture, being called by the swinging name of Gail, attaches great value to being everything but ordinary.


A touch of boldness meets rockabilly, paired up with vintage and kitsch, sweetened with gothic and spiced up with a dash of wedding flair – that’s the perfect receipe for a fascinator. No idea is too crazy and a limitation to a single collection is a no-go. Of course, special wishes are always welcome and this kind of creativity is part of the crafting process. More than 100 sources of inspiration can be found on the website of GG’s Pin-Up Couture and the impressive collection goes from „sophisticated“ to „outrageous“ – all of them charming in themselves. The designers find their inspiration everywhere – be it the Diner or the vegetable market, be it the toyshop or an easter bunny souvenir shop… the open eye of Gail soaks up every information. Colourful hats, shiny fascinators, trendy bandana rockabiliy headbands, sparkling barrettes – well, everything that your head can wear is to be found at GG’s Couture. Match them with a plain-coloured retro dress and boom! – there is the perfect spring look.

Those of you who would like to get impressed even further with the variety of the English designer has to consult her Homepage or follow her on the well-known social networks 🙂

© KittyKems Photography

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