18. July 2014 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

18. July 2014 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

Noblesse Couture Deluxe Collection 2014 by Tian van Tastique


Photos © Tian van Tastique

Usually I do not write about a label twice. Ok.. there are exceptions like Bibian Blue, Redcat Seven or Maya Hansen. Tian van Tastique, too, convinced me with his current collection one more time. The hommage to the „good old times“ combined with the caressing of the female silhouette makes the new winter collection a promising piece of art with the soundful name „Noblesse“. Bright combinations of colours do match this vision just as well as the peppy details. A touch of traditional handcraft, paired up with the class and the wickedness of the roaring twenties catches the observer’s eye just as quickly at the wearer’s heart. Plisssee is just as possible as fishtail patterns and gold once again falls in love with black lace. Tian van Tastique should be an essential part of every closet and garantuees uniqueness, which is especially (yet not exclusively) important during the upcoming Oktoberfest time. Those of you who would like to find out more about the enchantingly beautiful label might want to check out the following press release or directly head on to the Tian van Tastique shop.


The label Tian van Tastique stands for novel contemporary luxury, and is authentic, high-quality and unconventional, but without disclaiming traditional fashion spirit. The basis of the label is made of perfected cutting and newly invented craftmanship, that, in a symbiosis with a good share of creativity merges into a whole new style of art.
Tian van Tastique’s exclusive taste is also reflected in his collaborations with traditional and almost forgotten fashion manufacturers. Century-old craftmanship meets finest materials and offers its clientel a special aura of luxury.

The collection is inspired by the vivid heights of the 20s. After the bitter years of war a new zeitgeist awakened. Tian van Tastique’s “Noblesse“ reminds the observer of the times of glittering tea parties, celebrating the new femininity of their female visitors. Dark and sensual shades like purple-toned violet, olive green and deep black, combined with silver and glittering gold symbolize the liberty of the women of the golden 20s. Classy and yet modern looks are created by the combination of slightly playful and still stern plissee skirts and laboriously perfected corsages – the signature feature of the label. The classic skirts offer a great contrast to the corsages, which create the perfect frame for female curves. Precious silk shirts of shimmering Crrêpe de Chine finally make the perfect classy look for the emancipated woman of the 21st century.

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