9. September 2014 Comments (0) Burlesque Accessories, Fascinators

9. September 2014 Comments (0) Burlesque Accessories, Fascinators

Pillbox hat and head accessories by Anna Chocola from Brighton

Alle Bilder © Anna Chocola

Brighton is Great Britain most popular city by the sea and impresses its visitors with its beautiful coast. Not for nothing the sweet hat label of Anna Choccola settled right here to create its little masterpieces. Born in 1979 in a farm in Southwestern France, Anna soon discovered her interest in drawing, painting and fine arts. At the sweet age of 13 she started with the creation of her first dresses. 2006 brought her to Brighton, where she became the assistant of a classical milliner and took her love for passion ever further by reviving the almost forgotten inspirations that she found in her grandmothers farm house. Her love for retro and vintage is an essential part of her current creations and so it is no wonder that pillbox hats, fascinators, turbans and fedoras (soft felt hats with amazing décor) are part of her collection.


I don’t even remember the last time I left the house without wearing a headpiece, since it is a fact that every classy outfits can be upgraded by head accessories. As people say – “chic from head to toe” 😉 My big love goes for pillbox hats. Not only are they easy to combine in various ways, but they can also express your feelings of the day. The deeper you pull those pillboxes down your face the bolder is your expression 🙂 Well, at least that’s how I see it…


Anna Chocola gets her high-quality materials from all over the world and find her inspirations at the flea markets of France as well as during her journeys through the US and Europe. In her neat online shop each and every retro and hat fanatic will find the perfect piece and those who need a matching purse will also get their share. Anna Chocola likes to fit the unique pieces to the individual head of the wearer without needing much time for that. Those who can’t wait to complete their outfits with her wonderful pieces should take a glance at her website or visit her online shop.

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