21. March 2014 Comments (0) Burlesque Accessories

21. March 2014 Comments (0) Burlesque Accessories

RED Burlesque Lipsticks


© RED Burlesque

„Red lips should be kissed, because that’s what they’re made for“ – a famous (well, translated) song line by German singer Peter Kraus when Rock’n’Roll took over the republic. And, red lips are an essential part of Burlesque outfits as well. However, the colour red has to offer many shades and here, an important question pops up: What kind of shade is the right one? The label RED Burlesque has an answer to that question and offers the perfect shade of red for every type. On the website of RED Burlesque you can upload a photo of yourself via email and, after answering one or two questions, they recommend you the perfect shade out of about 20 different tones, which carry such beautiful names like Banbury Cross, Betsy Rose, Imogen Kelly, Kitten DeVille, LouLou D’vil and others. You notice something? Right – the name says it all! International Burlesque stars have given their names to the beautiful shades, which makes whole the concept just perfect.


© Steve DeMent Photography

Two shades were exclusively recomended for my type and I’ve been testing them during the last two weeks. What should I say? The colours are great, powerful, long-lasting and actually come along in a really cool tube in matte black. Just one tiny problem: Well, from my geographical perspective Australia isn’t just around the corner and if you are not too lucky, you lipsticks will land right at customs duty at the border control. Germany just has to control everyhing ;). The variety of red colours is a 100% allergy-tested, unscented and rich in Vitamine E to offer you a great care for your lips. Additionally, you can also order a matching lip liner. Well, I personally am probably going to become a real fan of RED Burlesque – I mean, you have to support labels that truly go into the deep spheres of Burlesque instead of just taking advantage of a trend. I LOVE RED BURLESQUE!

More infos can be found on the RED Burlesque Website


Imogen Kelly © Photo – Caveboy Studios

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