12. August 2015 Comments (0) Corsets

12. August 2015 Comments (0) Corsets

Charming Ava Adore Corset Collection from Guernsey

Photography: Iberian Black Arts

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Guernsey, a small island between France and England holds a wonderful and elegant secret. It proves that beautiful fashion can even emerge in the most far flung places und that it does not always take a Paris, a London or a Berlin Fashion Week. Well, at least not for its creation. 🙂 Today, corsets are more like a niche product, but with a large fan base. In the stores of this planet you will probably find nothing more than cheap China products, if not worse. The more important it is to still have artists like Danielle Cowan to create greate corset art of best quality and fit. The quality of corsets largely depends on the passion for details. And Ava Corsetry lays high value on exactly these values: Materials, processing and wearing comfort are put into the focus and help to get rid of the cliche that corsets are uncomfortable to wear.

Photography: Iberian Black Arts

During her studies in fashion design, her passion for corsets and corsages took over and after graduating, these should become the core of her creative handcraft. Exclusive bridal fashion, made of jewels, perls and delicate lace, and pompous historic costums belonged to her every day work, but corsetry was her true love. After a year of developing and making corsets for the wonderful Brand Kiss Me Deadly, 2012 became the year of her founding her own label AVA Corsetry. The name AVA was inspired by the finesse and the glamour of the remarkable Ava Gardner. Of course, her collection was just as elegant and with her new Ava Adore Collection, the designer shows off her talent for handcrafted and custom-fitted masterpieces.

Those of you who happen to be going from France to England by sea should make a quick visit in Guernsey. However, make sure to make an appointment beforehand, or take the comfortable way of online shopping at the chic website of Ava Corsetry.

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