18. July 2015 Comments (0) Burlesque Accessories

18. July 2015 Comments (0) Burlesque Accessories

Get the perfect retro or burlesque outfit with matching head accessory by Feisty Cat


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Huge head accessories and crazy hat designs in the style of English high nobility have long been an important part of perfect burlesque outfits. However, most ladies round here still just grab the simple, i.e. cheap disco head wear or feather wear. And this despite the fact that the happiness of owning an extraordinary hat is just a click away! On the brand new homepage of Feisty Cat Online Store you will find not only nipple pasties, great burlesque lingerie and accessories, but also awesome head pieces and hair accessories. With those, designer Sinteque even meets the wishes of those who like it a little more decent. And even ladies, who have a hard time putting on the so-called fascinators with tiny hatpins will receive help here.

The new collection can be described as follows: timeless elegance meets pure joie de vivre: An homage to femininity. Sinteque took her inspiration from the classic hat creations of the 40s, where enchanting fascinators were just an essential part of fashion. The ladies wearing them had a special glimmer of extravaganza around their hair and head which made them the perfect eye catcher. Today, however, head décor rarely attracts attention. But, Feisty Cat’s head jewelry has the potential to change that.

They do not only match retro or burlesque outfits perfectly, but can also be combined with the little black dress or evening gowns. Even summer outfits can profit from the collection, which, for example, contains orchid hair decor. Those of you who got curious should take an extensive glance at the huge online portfolio and find his or her own head piece, which can easily be completed by a whole outfit with lashes, pasties, lingerie, burlesque fashion and everything else that this shop has to offer. 🙂

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