9. July 2015 Comments (0) Latexfashion

9. July 2015 Comments (0) Latexfashion

Latex creations from Paris by Mademoiselle Ilo


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Paris is the capital of fashion, the city of love and the town of seduction. That is what you will find written in every city guide. Therefore, it lies at hand that a label like Mademousselle Ilo designs and creates fine body-tight creations made of the smooth material of latex Anne Viallon’s handmade designs have their origin in her eclectic creativity and her long years of experience and they are custom-fitted in her studio in Paris. It is especially the challenge of individual costume or outfit ideas that the creative designer loves and that lets her imagination run wild. Given this, it might happen that the sketch of a client is taken as a reason to do days and days of research to create a fine mix of form and color out of 200 up to 500 sources of inspiration. And talking forms: They make the silhouette of the wearer shine and sparkle while at the same time promising the best quality of material. Mademoiselle Ilo loves playing with transparence and the mixture of retro forms and futuristic ideas.

Playful applications are just as essential parts of the designs as contrasting piping or exciting gathers. The word of mouth, of course, spreads the reputation of the pieces’ high quality and so it might happen that renowned French costume creators call for Mademoiselle Ilo’s skills. Even the music industry has long discovered the designer and is thrilled by her creations. No matter if we are talking about mini dresses, long gowns, short tops, pencil or petticoats – the variety of her collections knows no limits. Even those who love it a little more fetish-focused will find their luck at Mademoiselle Ilo’s. Masks and catsuits are just as original as the rest of her collection. Those who would like to find out more and is maybe just about to plan their next visit to Paris, should take note of the following address: Mademoiselle Ilo, 23, rue des Rigoles, 75020 Paris, Subway : Jourdain, line 11. The studio is open every Friday from from 3 pm to 6:30 pm and, of course, according to prior consultation via: contact@mademoiselle-ilo.com.

In times of various online shops even the ones who stay home have the chance to get their Anna Viallons aka Mademoiselle Ilo pieces online. A huge part of her collection can be found on their Website or etsy.

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