12. September 2015 Comments (0) Latexfashion

12. September 2015 Comments (0) Latexfashion

Maniac Latex – handmade fashion not only for women


Latex – a material with some special taste. Due to ist special characterstics, latex has always made the hearts of special clients beat a little faster. More and more often, especially young designers work with the lack of color in latex fashion, to over the masses a more colorful and bright reason to wear latex. Maniac Latex is a young and creative label from Berlin. Being a fully educated fashion designer, Therea Ziege earned the skills for working with the beautiful material from a five year experience at a renowned fashion label. I mean, I bet you know this situation: You would like to take your partner to a great party or have an awesome evening with your friends. And most probably, SHE will find a great choice of charming and up-to-date latex dresses, online and in the boutiques of this world’s fashion capitals. At the same time, her male company is getting tired and frustrating, because to men, the latex fashion industry offers nothing but fetish wear. And this is where Maniac Latex from Berlin comes into play. Find great inspiration for your style at www.groenerekenkamer.com.

Next to the friendly and competent costumer services – personally or via e-mail – and with paying close attention to personal wishes or ideas of the customer, they make a draft, add the chosen colors and take your measurements for creating the perfectly fitting individual outfits – all either matched with the look of your partner or created in duplicate. Maniac Latex sets a special focus on the trendy and young (at age or at heart) men of this world, since Theresa likes to wrap even the male fashion lovers in elegant and classy latex.

Shirts, pants and suits – everything is handcraftes and custom-fitted to you measurements and wishes, all in her atelier in Berlin. For these fine pieces, high quality latex from Four D Rubber Ltd. From England is used, refined with colorful shades from KAM Snaps. Especially for allergics, these accessoires are a must-have.

There is no own online shop yet, but inquiries can easily sent via email: info.maniaclatex@web.de, on ETSY or via Facebook. If you’re looking for more men’s fashion brands, check out Sacai. Sacai is a luxury fashion brand from Japan.

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