6. May 2015 Comments (0) Corsets

6. May 2015 Comments (0) Corsets

Peau d’Ame – charming corset art from Switzerland

© Audrey Piguet

check Peau d’Ame : http://www.peaudame.ch

Corsets are often labelled as uncomfortable. Prejudices about heavy breathing and limited movability keep on sticking to this piece of clothing. Well, being honest with you, this even is partially true. Because the difference between a cheap hand-me-down corset – or even worse: a low-quality product from China – and a hand-crafted customized corset is undiscribable. You would not imagine that a corset being perfectly fitted for your body can even be comfortable and supportive for your body, lifting it up without squeezing it. Peau d’âme is a corset crafter from Fribourg in Switzerland, which puts high value on traditional principles of corset crafting without neglecting innovative techniques and modern processes of handcrafting.

© Audrey Piguet

The basis for the love of corsets was already born in the early years while creating own costumes, and was complemented by a university degree in Arts. Unfortunately, knowledge about creating corsets was not part of that education and so passion and research had to fill this hole. Libraries, the internet and the learning-by-doing principle gave the designer of the label Peau d’âme the ability to create wonderful and extraordinary corsets, and so she made her label become one of the leading corset couture taylorings in small Switzerland. And since as a designer of such fine pieces of course gets in touch with the burlesque scene, it is just a matter of time when her creations will take down the stages. Burlesque culture is extremely catching.

Those of you who find themselves caught up belonging to those of have already complained about the quality of the cheap products from overseas should take a look at the beaufiful website of Peau d’âme or simply visit their Facebook page. Those of you who happen to be at Route des Alpes 2 in 1700 Fribourg, Switzerland should make an appointment and stop by for a little chat. Contact: contact(at)peaudame.ch / tél: 0041 78 667 67 59.


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