27. February 2015 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

27. February 2015 Comments (0) Corsets, Designer

The shiny amazons of Divamp Couture Barcelona

© Viktorija pashuta


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In the everyday urban jungle you sometimes wish for the appropriate armour to protect us in various ways. Like an invulnerable amazon you could handle every kind of danger and, at the sime time, look just as gorgeous as the heroines of Marvel & co. And, the good thing is: Fashion designers do not hesitate to involve every kind of material they find. And this is exactly where designer Boyd Baten from Divamp Couture Barcelona has found his tiny shiny niche more than 20 years ago. With his mirror-like PVC fashion he sets the standard for fashion that has long been not more than mere inspiration, but has never been turned into reality before. To me, Divamp Couture is not simply another address for fetish or Cosplay fashion, but a special kind of Haute Couture. The extraordinary designs belong to the stages and runways of the big Fashion Weeks in New York and Paris, and they remind me of the futuristics sexy robot illustrations by Haijme Sorayama and the early, very extroverted work of Gaultier and Muggler.

© Peter Czernich / Marquis Magazine

Every piece of the collection is handmade, a crafting service that is highly apprecited among fashion enthusiasts, because only pure passion and love for the detail create masterpieces like the ones made by DUVAMP Couture. Additionally they employ a very comforting way to communicate, which will help you with all your questions. The upcoming excitement for the final product keeps the adrenaline running and when you hit the lime light you’ll shine in a bright and unique outfit. The born Dutch creats metalic corsets, skin-tight chest and shoulder shell armour, super hero costumes and nipple pasties, next to breathtaking head accessories and spectacular bolero collars. And, the most important thing: A high wearing comfort is garantueed.

Of course, everything is custom made, if you want it to. Body Baten is looking forward to hearing from you and getting inspired by new ideas, because apart from his very own designs he is open for new adventures. Check out the DIVAMP Shops on etsy or dawanda – its amazing.

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