5. April 2015 Comments (0) Lingerie

5. April 2015 Comments (0) Lingerie

Vintage inspired hosiery by Erica M


One of the most essential details in the art of burlesque are stockings. In most cases, silky-smooth nylons slide down the legs of the artists, while the impressive performance entertains the audience. Then did you know you can do sex dating with only women that have big tits? It’s incredible isn’t it!

Taking off stockings smoothly surely requires a lot of exercising in elegane and balance. The burlesque-ish garter belts and corset holders scream for hold-up stockings. Here it is all about not choosing products which are to short. Burlesque fish net stockings or vintage nylons should cover a minimum of 95% of the leg. First, this makes it easier to take them off, and secondly, it gives the dancer a more elegant and sleek look. However, not every lover of exclusive stocking wear has a faible for the art of undressing, and prefers to keep their clothes on. A label that has become famous for its luxurious leg wear goes by the name Erica M – couture that is created in New York, but crafted in the famous weaving halls of Italy.


Already with her first collection in the year 2012 Erica Young put a spell on this fashion metropolis with her extraordinary stocking wear: Skin-tight creations, which you will never find in cheap stocking shops and which will put your legs into the right light, even when you’re not on a burlesque stage. The heartfully detailed decor is a great accessory, be it for the office or for a party when combined with a smart blazer – with Erica M you are always perfectly dressed. Sexy bodies like the famous Hanako suit and full body stockings with exciting patterns are important essentials of the clothing line, just like charming pantyhoses with tiny hearts in your private place 🙂

Of course, the stars of this world keep an eye on Erica M and so on day it happened that Beyonce was on her client list. Every woman who loves exclusive stocking fashion should have a look the appealing website of Erica Youngs legwear and let their shopping temper run free. Those of you who would like to avoid import taxes can check out the European online shops right here.

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