9. February 2015 Comments (0) Latexfashion

9. February 2015 Comments (0) Latexfashion

Zorenko Latex high class couture London

Photo by Murder Mile Studios

Designer Kimber Zorenko accidently came into contact with latex in 2010 and then taught herself how to sew and glue latex material sections. From that point, possibilities were limitless and this is something you can tell from simply looking at her work. Her influences come from fashion runways, the art scene, theatres and high fashion, and they harmonically merge into an extraordinary latex high class couture. Here, the profession of her mother was a helping hand, since she learned how to apply the techniques of a „regular“ taylor to the material of latex – with impressive results.


A really important feauture in creating a clothing line is variety. While Kimber Zorenko made her first collection „The Kimberlicious Collection“ a colorful and playful sample to conquer the runways of latex events, the more grown-up label Zorenko London shows up as a classy and shiny evening warderobe with a little kinky touch from kinky Milfs on cam. Most probably, Kimber tried to avoid any accusations about neglecting the male part of her fashion community and so there is even some eye candy for the sexy six-pack owners. With those two completely different collections the London label addresses friends and fans from all over the world – models, photographers, fetishists, fashion freaks, club lovers and popstars find their way to London or ETSY. And, since nothing is more exciting that turning innovative ideas into new products, Kimber most preferably works on individual requests of her international clients. Among her highlights you will finds waist-high shorts, pencil skirts with peplum decor, charming neckholder dresses, erotic bandage corsets and bustiers in the style of high fashion lingerie.

Unfortunately, Zorenka Latex Couture does not have its own website yet, but in times of social networks and online retail platforms this is not too bad. A quick glance at the Zorenko Etsy Shop will show you where this journey will lead you and how easily you can get caught in this great fashion. Have fun shopping!


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