27. January 2016 Comments (0) Designer, Gothic

27. January 2016 Comments (0) Designer, Gothic

Precious lace meets matt lacquer by Patrice Catanzaro France


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Shiny lacquer. A material which I haven’t devoted on in this column to often until today. For a good reason! Lacquer fashion, from the very beginning, has had a bad reputation. Often cheap and ill-fitting, it always seems to lack behind the more high-quality and more fashionable latex clothing. This is probably exactly what fascinated French designer Patrice Catanzaro. For many years, he has worked with a lacquer-like mix of materials, often combined with lace or transparent mesh, proving that it does not always have to be leather of latex.

With high a wearing comfort, his designs are playful or military, but still highly erotic with little cut-outs that allow for a little glimpse. As a huge friend of lace and mesh materials, I was very happy that I, more or less by accident, discovered the newest collection of Patrice Catanzaro, even though I already had the chance to take a look at Patrice’s clothes during a fashion event some years ago. Immediately, I fell in love with the current collection, which appears in a tattoo mesh look, and, speaking from my own experience, I can say that wearing it was just as nice of a feeling as the reaction of my social surroundings. In addition to that, the beautiful interplay of shiny and matt material effects, most of them in black, show how versatile the French designer actually is. He takes his inspiration from the fetish area as well as from the joyful world of futuristic cosplays.

Those of you who are currently looking for an extraordinary, high-quality lacquer outfit for the next kinky or burlesque event, should take a look at the brand new collection, which will officially be launched in your favorite online shops in February. All extra-curious fashion fans can find additional designs on Patrice Catanzaro’s website or follow his Facebook page.


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