10. May 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Latexfashion

10. May 2010 Comments (0) Burlesque, Latexfashion

Anatomic Bomb – Burlesque meets Latex Couture!

photo by Via Marie Studios | © Anatomic Bomb

Madeline Warren is the creator and founder of Anatomic Bomb! Her clothes are designed to focus on the ever popular breasts and curvy waists but also to bring attention to the female bottom, with designs that accentuate peachy roundness and butt cleavage. She is inspired by many things such as 18th century aristocracy, film noir, classic fetish art like Eric Stanton and Vince Ray, the brothels in early French photography, Technicolor, Barbie, and designers such as Erte and Travilla. She also works closely with, and is influenced by, the theatre world she works in. She is a burlesque performer (working under the pseudonym Bunny Warren) and has a big input into 2 great burlesque clubs in the UK. So obviously she is a fan of nipple tassles too! Her clothes have great names such as ‘Marilyn Moron’ and ‘Fifi Fantouche’- they are all named after the stage names of burlesque performers and strip-tease artists. She loves uniforms too.

Anatomic Bomb is a London based company and sell a lot in London and the UK but also love designing for customers in many other parts of the world. Anatomic Bomb! was formed in early 2004, and in that short space of time they have gained a large, loyal following of customers who appreciate the quality, service and great fit of clothes. They call all the customers and models “Anatomic Bombshells”.

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